6 Oct 2017

Bbbrring bbbrring!

Once again I allowed myself to be distracted from my mission of painting figures!

But I couldn't help it as the little phonebox from Blotz is just awesome.

Didn't take much to do. A solid undercoat of black followed by a heavy dry-brushing of red. Then the sign got several quick coats white. I didn't want to lose the etched letters so I used airbrush white paint because it's got a much thinner consistency.

Once that was dry I used a touch of Nuln Oil black wash and watered that down slightly to pick out the letters without staining the white too much.

I love these little kits. So characterful!


5 Oct 2017

A deadline on the horizon

I've allowed myself to get a little distracted by another project of late so must redouble my efforts to get my 365 figures painted before 10/12/17.

Lots of things on the go but I decided to try and finish some half done stuff to get it off of the painting table. First off is a bundle of Ork Dreadnoughts and Killer Kans for EPIC along with an AA wagon. With these finished I've only got 60 left to finish!

 With them out of the way I've moved onto a tray full of Ork buggies, planes and scorchas that had been started. I've slowed myself down, once again, by choosing to paint checker patterns on 6mm figures. why do I make these choices?? Oh yeah! Cos it looks good! ;-)

I'd expect these to take me another week to finish but there is something like 30+ so its more than half of what I need to do before December.

Also on the go are some more Pulp City figures and I've started painting two of the smaller Massive Darkness box sets.

As always I've also allowed myself to be distracted by scenery. No great surprise there as it is a real weakness of mine.

First up a cool phone box and some street lamps from Blotz. Very nice fun little kits to put together!

I'd gotten them at Colours and really wanted to put them together to get them done for my City scenery set. I also got the new tram kit from Warbases as I thought it would look good on the city streets. Sweet kit.

Not quite sure when I'll get around to painting it?



Game 48

Massive Darkness again for game 48.

This was a fairly standard mission with no time pressures. As such our characters were tooled up and had advanced skills by the time we got to the Hellhound at the end.

He didn't last long.


Game 47 Warhammer 40K

We've not had a chance to play much more 40K after our flurry of games in the middle of the year so it was good to pile round to Urn's place and get the marines out.

This, as it turns out, ended up being a marine on marine battle as the sneaky underhanded Raven Guard fell in with the flighty White Scars to try and take some clearly high important objective from the Brave Heroic Howling Griffons whilst denying the Griffons their spoils of war! Fiends!

Things started bad for the Scarlet and Gold when the Turncoat allies managed to steal the initiative however not a lot of firepower could be brought to bear upon the Griffons so casualties were light.

Sadly the return fire from the Griffons was less then impressive.

The mission had both sides turning up piecemeal and this served the Scars well as their bikes arrived with good effect as did their Raven guards assualt squad both of which were quickly bearing down on their goal.

An attempt by some Terminators to grab their opponents objective was stymied somewhat by them being outnumbered and overrun.

Thankfully the second terminator squad had scared off the scars on bike who didn't get back close enough in time to help get onto the Griffons prize before the game was called.

A draw but a real shoeing for the Griffons. Shame. The termies were itching to have a go at the bikes.


Games 45 & 46

The Immortal.

Sounds menacing doesn't he. Well in Massive Darkness he bloody well is. Game 45 was a special mission to grab dynamite, lure the bad boss to a subterranean bridge and blow it up to send him plunging into the Abyss.

This was a tricky one. Which is why Game 45 was short lived and a failure. We messed about too long and before we knew it the Immoral, the unstoppable target of our plans, had passed the point where he could be drawn to his death.

Quick Reset!

This time we didn't hang about......no actually we bibbled a bit on this one as well and then happened to notice that the rouge had placed themselves well for a run on the bridge and had the fireworks to lure the bad guy!

Once we cottoned on to what was possible it was an easy matter for the Rogue to tease the horrid ogre onto the ancient stone walkway before using a magic spear to destroy the supports and dispatch the Darkness's lieutenant to its doom!

Fun mission and nicely different to the others we've played so far.


Game 44

The run of Massive Darkness games continued with game 44 being a mission in which the dungeon progressively collapses as the rounds go by.

We'd found that the game itself isn't that difficult barring an unlucky draw of the cards however...

...adding the time element to the game really steps it up a gear! No more checking every room for cool equipment. This was a race to get out past the inevitable encounters.

Pulling two horrible cards near the end did for us! We defeated the monsters and all of characters got out except for the Stout Dwarf who tripped and fell before being buried beneath the collapsing ceiling of the dungeon.

Technically a loss. Morally? Well I suppose that depends how you feel about dwarves?



15 Sep 2017

Some Pulp City for a change and more.

I've been doing pretty well tackling the list of figures I drew up for the 365 challenge but there has been a lot of batch painting this year.

Also on the list were some heroes and villains for Pulp City. We've not played this in ages but I have been working on my city scenery with the primary purpose of getting more games of PC. I'm thinking about making it an early hobby objective for the beginning of 2018 to get the scenery ready so now I've got double reasons to paint them. This has afforded me a break from batch painting masses of thing the same colour. A refreshing change.

This takes me down to 76 left to do before December 10th to complete 365.

I've not had the opportunity to paint much at work lately but today I managed to get the first colour on some Iron Warrior terminators for 30K.

30K had gone a bit cold lately partly I suspect because of the prospect of playing it in 7th edition. Not massively appealing since we've moved to 8th edition.

However....you gotta love the gamer fans! Some stalwart fellows have begun to created legion lists for 30K and they have finished the core legion stuff already.

Link to the Heresy 8th project

 Looks like the legion specific stuff is going up too! A truly excellent piece of work from those fellows. So with that on the cards my mind had turned to getting some games of 30K lined up and I also fancy trying some of the other missions from 8th. There are assault scenarios in the book for attacking defended positions and it stuck me that this might be fun to do for 30K.

So I got some walls from TTCombat and some big guns to be emplacements.

This is just the first set of each. Another gun and another wall set to be made. I also want to dress them slightly to make them fit the Grimdark a bit better. I've made some molds of skull bits and light fittings to add to them.

But I need to get some more figures painted first before letting myself get to distracted by that!

Colours 2017 wargaming show in Newbury at the weekend so i'm bound to find even more distractions there!